Tulip Garden Condo
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Having a chic and timeless design scheme means that it will outlive short-term design trends and fads, staying relevant and aesthetically pleasing for a long time. The tranquil palette of white and wood here is pleasing to the sight and provides clarity of mind. Instead of employing striking color accents and eye-catching patterns, the designer has chosen functional and innovative designs to make the home shine.

The prudent selection of flooring accommodates the moods and atmospheres of home zones. For example, the living room receives an abundance of strong afternoon sun. Cool white marble lowers the visual and tactile temperature of the room effectively. In the kitchen, tiles in beige blend seamlessly into the interior, and is also easy to clean. In the bedrooms, wooden flooring in warm honey glow beautifully under the yellow embedded lightings. Such warmth creates a cozy environment for rest.

The unique window design in the bedroom is also a stunning feature. In a zig-zag pattern, they defy the monotony of regular 2-dimensional windows. At the same time, its silhouette interrupts the medley of clean lines in the room to introduce active energy into the atmosphere.

Ample storage is another prominent strength. In the living room and kitchen, they take the form of seamless white cabinets. In the bedroom, an open-concept walk-in wardrobe provides an impression of airiness and also keeps arrays of clothes in view. A well-lit dressing table can accommodate a full range of grooming products as well

Oscar Lim
Branch: Jurong (West)
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