467 Pasir Ris Drive 6
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Key Highlights:
1. Vivid colors. Avocado green has earned the general consensus of being the top favorite, followed by mustard yellow. 🥑 Brown, white, red and orange are also theme colors of the scheme, while light peppering of pink and purple are common sights as well. Here, a large L-shaped couch in piquant apple green refreshes the home with zest, while kitchen stools in fire-engine red enliven the abode with a modern look.

2. Long and lean lines. Note how the tables, chairs, and cabinets are made with straight, clean lines. Even the wood patterns on the kitchen backsplash and bedroom drawers bear grain patterns that run horizontally! This presents the home with a structured and clean appearance. ✨

3. A wide variety of materials for furniture production. The 60s was a period of progress and discovery, even for the manufacturing industry. This allowed designers to get creative. One example was the proliferation of plastic products, seen on chairs, tables, and decorations. 👩🏭

4. Quirky lights. Illuminants were often employed to add character to the interior. Lava lamps would be a quintessential example. Here, incandescent bulbs in glass lampshades present the kitchen with weathered charm. 💡

5. Wooden flooring. Natural wood flooring is a hallmark of retro homes. 🌳 In a rich honey shade, they bring warmth and comfort to the abode. Running consistently across the various spaces of the home, the flooring pulls the spaces and furniture together into a unified retro haven!

Overall, the assemblage of furniture is an eclectic mix of furniture are functional, comfortable and unique!

Modern Contemporary
Paul KH
Branch: MacPherson (East)
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