135 Lorong Ah Soo
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What happens when you infuse the orthodox industrial-inspired style with local flavor? The designer here trade the western retro elements for nostalgic Peranakan décor and designs reminiscent of Singapore’s groovy 70s!

The study room next to the living space has been carved out as a workstation through the use of floor tiling. Here, beautiful Peranakan designed tiles in China blue and pearl white enlivens the study with the vintage glamour. At the bar area, a matt wooden table top with an aged appearance instill the home with weathered charm. At the same time, it also mimics the raw and rugged workstations in warehouses and factories, presenting the space with masculine character. This hard-wearing aesthetics is likewise seen on the simple yet sturdy shelves overhead. The wooden cabinets in the kitchen are light and matt as well. As compared to dark, lacquered ones, these cabinets look highly organic, adding to industrial style’s unfinished aesthetics. ✨

Below, stone tiles commonly seen on shophouses in the 1970s make a revival. The regular, intricate geometrical patterns are both old-school and chic, rendering the design a stylish and versatile one that appeals to fans of both eras.

Alongside the presence of retro elements comes a touch of glam to give the abode a look of modernity. For example, the dining space bears a scheme of stylish monochrome. In the living room, glossy marble flooring and TV headboard present a modern appearance. In the bathroom, the combination of clear glass and duo-toned marble walls convey an air of extravagance. With both retro and modern details, this home is a unique representation of the past and present.

Andy Kng
Branch: Jurong (West)
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