534 Bukit Batok Street 51
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Dreaming of a white, gleaming home that offers you a chic and peaceful sanctuary after a long day? Step into a haven of clean, bright surfaces in ivory! Furniture in soothing neutrals such as gray, brown and black, add tasteful accents to the home ground, without interrupting the fluid flow of space. Meanwhile, embedded lighting in bulbs and panels enhance the shine on the pearly-white floor and walls! ✨

The rooms adopt a more matt appearance. Dressed in muted, earthy tones of gray and brown, the calming environment is not as stimulating the high-gloss living room. This adjustment renders the rooms ideal recluses to wind down.

Looking for a balance of shine and matt? Let’s head to the kitchen! The cabinets in the kitchen present a modern duo-toned scheme. With high-gloss white on the top and natural wood in matt on the bottom, the interesting contrast illuminates the abode elegantly!

Ethan Chen
Branch: Jurong (West)
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